Please note, the questions listed below are the frequent questions we are asked, therefore it is not a definitive list. If you have any further questions or queries please email: [email protected]
Each game of skill is based on a ‘Spot the Ball’ competition. We use random games of cricket that have taken place in India. We decide on a suitable picture that gives a number of skill assessment areas, we then record the exact centre of the ball; these co-ordinates are based on the X & Y pixel position on the screen. Once we fix and agree the co-ordinates, they are sent electronically to our adjudicators prior to the commencement of each competition. This is to ensure that no changes can be made during or after each game.
When you register, we ask you if you are a follower/fan of cricket, as this will give you an understanding of how the flow of the game goes, in terms of how fast the ball can travel, batsman swings, striking angles and ball trajectory.

We then ask you to use a number of skill assessments, all of these areas may or may not be present in each picture; however, we strive to have a minimum of three. Each of these elements will help you to make a skilled judgement these are:

1.The angle and trajectory of the bat
2.The direction the batsman is looking, just after striking the ball
3.Where the fielders, wicket keeper, bowler are looking
4.The direction the spectators are looking

To further assist you in your assessment, we are building into our app’s the facility to draw different coloured lines on your screens from each line of sight, each line can be used for the elements listed above enabling you to line up the direction of vision and angles, by cross referencing each line you can fix your final co-ordinates.
Only players above 18 years of age are permitted to enter our competition.
Registering on Win A Bike is simple, and takes about 20 seconds! Just enter your username, email address and password, confirm that you are a cricket fan and confirm the T & C’s, that’s it!

In terms of your details being secure, this is a key priority for us as we know it is critical for you, we have built in several layers of protection using the latest technology and security software available giving us unprecedented end-to-end security. This is constantly monitored and updated as and when required.

This should give you peace of mind when you first register, and allow you to play with confidence.
Entry starts at Rs 75 (equal to one play with our entry level bike). We accept most major credit and debit cards, plus we are utilising the payment platforms Paytm and PayU(biz). We will add further payment facilities as and when they have a good level of coverage in India, or if there is a specific demand.
Yes! Spot the Ball (cricket) competitions are generally considered a game of skill, as it requires a reasonable level of knowledge, firstly, of the game of cricket, as well as each player having to make a number of skilled assessments to play effectively (see Q2); it is protected under the Constitution of India. Playing games of skill are considered a business activity (when prizes are given and/or there is an entry fee). Article 19(1) (g) of the Constitution covers this.
The following states do not allow games of skill, which involve prizes of a certain value and where there is a cost to enter. The current list of states is Assam, Orissa and Telangana. Please note, this is not a definitive list and it is your responsibility to check that you are not breaking any laws of your state before you play.
The exact centre of the cricket ball (the X & Y coordinates) is captured on our desktop computers before the ball is digitally removed.

As there are many different types and sizes of screens on mobiles and desktops, therefore there are different resolutions, our state of the art system has been built to firstly, recognise which device you are playing our ‘Spot the ball’ game on. Secondly, the system has been designed to correlate this exactly against the winning pixels; this ensures an exact match at any resolution.
This is very transparent, at the end of each competition the system automatically recognises the closest player(s) to the winning coordinates. This is sent to our adjudicators, who confirm that the original coordinates are the same ones set prior to the start of the competition, and that the person/persons identified by the system, meet or are the closest to those coordinates.
In the event that no players in a competition hit the dead centre of the ball, the winner will be the person nearest to that exact coordinate. So yes, from that perspective there will always be a winner.
We reserve the right to defer players from one competition to another if the numbers of entrants reaches less than 10K, we may enact this within 24 hours prior to the deadline time and date of that competition. In the event of this happening, all players who have paid will be automatically transferred to the next competition, where the same ‘Spot the Ball’ picture will be used.

Each deferred player will also be credited with a free play (equivalent to Rs 75) for future games.
In the event that there is more than one winner (this is defined by those that either hit the exact winning coordinates or those being the closest), the player who entered earliest will be declared the winner (all entries are date and time stamped). All others with the same coordinates will be credited with the equivalent of 500 x Rs 75 plays onto their accounts.