Who We Are?



Winabike’s parent company is the well-established and trusted Motorbikes India (www.motorbikesindia.com) an exciting online magazine for bikers.

MI has been ‘live’ for over 6 years, has a great readership, almost 130K followers on social media, and with its focus being more on the bikers than the bike, it has become one of the most popular websites with bikers across the Indian sub continent!

MI has supported many events in India including ‘Ride for Safety’, ‘World Motorcycle Day’ in Mumbai, and they will be making a big impact at the 2017 ‘India Bike Week’ in Goa (watch this space!)

It has some of the best motorbike related writers situated in India and across the globe, including Leslie Porterfield, the fastest women in the world on a conventional motorbike!

Finally, having the most comprehensive list of biker clubs, events and safety features you will find anywhere in India, it delivers a complete resource and ‘go to’ place for bikers.

So you can be more than confident that with its connection to Motorbikes India, Winabike is a safe and fun environment to enter into.