Playing Winabike is simple; you just need a basic understanding about the speed and flow of the game of cricket.

Once you have registered (you only need to do this once, and don’t forget to make a note of your login details), you select your dream bike and on purchasing a ticket you are taken straight to our ‘Spot The Ball’ competition page. There you can view the picture and consider from your own experience of watching cricket where you believe the ball to be.

To assist you, we have developed our unique ‘Line Of Sight’ tool, which enables you to draw up to four different coloured arrowed lines, each can be lined up to the direction that either the batsman, fielders, wicket keeper, umpires or spectators are looking (see example below). Each competition picture will be different, and we aim to include at least three of the above elements to test your skills and help you in your decision making process.

Take your time before you make your final decision and good luck!