In India, the law states that for something to be considered a game of skill, there must be a high level of knowledge, judgment, experience and adroitness (dexterity, expertise) on the players part to have a possibility of success.

Of course, there will always be elements of chance, but if predominately the person is making their decisions based on their skills and assessments, then it can be considered a game of skill.

Our game of ‘Spot The Cricket Ball’ is a game of ‘skill’, why?

First and foremost, we confirm that any new registrations onto our platform are fans of cricket; this is to ensure that they have an understanding of the flow, pace, speed and some of the intricacies of the game. For example the different ways a batsman strikes a ball, and how fielders behave.

Our players use that knowledge when studying our pictures (with the ball removed) to assess where they believe the center of the ball to be. They also use the line of sight of the various participants, i.e. batsman, wicket keeper, other fielders, umpires and spectators to make a calculated assessment of the position of the ball. All these elements are combined to make a skillful judgment.

To ensure as much information as possible is available to them, all the photos we use will have a least three elements (participants) in each picture.

The pictures we use for each competition are our property, and have been taken by our photographer, they are therefore not available on or offline, which means, once we have digitally removed the ball after recording its exact center, the picture cannot be found anywhere else, ensuring fair play and to stop any form of cheating or fraud.

Finally, the exact co-ordinates are sent to our adjudicator before each competition commences. On completion of a competition the system automatically matches either the person(s) who has hit the dead centre or the person(s) who are the closest. This means that there will always be a winner, i.e. the person(s) who have the made the most skillful assessment.

For further information please email: [email protected]

*IMPORTANT NOTE - Please ensure that the state from which you are playing allows games of skill (with entry fees) to be legally entered into. It is the site users responsibility to clarify this before playing.